Uplift Spring 2018
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From the Director

The Victorious Missionaries have always been known as an organization for the "Spiritual support of persons with disabilities."

Nurturing one's spirituality is an important dimension in anyone's life - whether you have a disability or not. Everyone's spirituality is built on the relationships that we have with God and with the people who are part of our lives. The assumption is that these are healthy associations that enrich our life - both on the psychological and religious levels. They need to be realtionships that help us to be at peace with ourselves and appreciate who we are, as well as where we are at this point in our lives. Both dimensions of spirituality help us grow in loving awareness of who God is for us and grow in awareness of our own giftedness. We can then focus more on what we are called to share with others rather than on what we aren't able to do (or what we are challenged to do differently).

We are all called to develop our relationships with God and others. These relationships help us grow as persons and in our awareness that we all are beloved children of God. They also allow us to be at peace with whatever we are challenged to deal with at any point in our lives.

Br. Tom Ruhmann, O.M.I.
National Director of the VMs


Buffalo, New York

We are so happy to report that we have three new members: Renee, Dale and Dennis. It reassures us that the Victorious Missionaries' mission still draws people to us. We hope and pray the other chapters will experience new growth and new life along with us.

Dale Kielma - Buffalo VMs

Maryville/Granite City, Illinois

We had our Christmas party at a local pizza house and everyone enjoyed the buffet. Many of our members will be attending the 20th annual Special Olympics Dinner Dance hosted by the Knights of Columbus.

Gary Wilbur - Granite City VMs


VM National Conference/54th Founding Anniversary Celebration
May 4 -6, 2018

Presenter: Fr. Mark Dean, OMI


Victorious Missionaries

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