Uplift Spring 2019
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From the Director

"Your destiny is to be Apostles, and so tend within your hearts the sacred fire that the Holy Spirit lights there..."
-Bishop Eugene de Mazenod to Oblates in
Ceylon, November 17, 1851

Every baptized Christian is called to a life as a missionary just as the Apostles were. We are called to a life that leads others to experience the loving presence of God in their lives. The recipients of the Fr. John Maronic Achievement Award are people who have dealt with difficulties and struggles in their lives. Yet they are able to reach out and touch others in order to help them experience God's compassion and to realize that they have a giftedness to share with others because of that experience.

The Victorious Missionaries, an organization that the Oblates of Mary Immaculate started, share in what we today call the Mazenodian family - named after our founder. They are rooted in the call to help everyone grow in the experience of the love of God in his/her life.

Fr. John and the group of people with disabilities who started the VMs recognized that destiny in themselves and in all persons with disabilities. They, like all Christians, have a destiny to be missionaries - to set the lives of people on fire with the loving presence of God in their lives and to celebrate the presence of each other.

Whenever we share and celebrate that Presence, we do what is sacred - we make each other's lives holy.

Br. Tom Ruhmann, O.M.I.
National Director of the VMs


Fr. Sal Gonzalez, OMISave the Date

VM National Conference/55th Founding Anniversary Celebration
May 3 - 5, 2019
Presenter: Fr. Sal Gonzalez, OMI




The morning woke up late today.
But God was there.

the birds came to feed late.
But God was there.

The trees whispered their praise
in the early morning hours.
And God was there.

Creation went about her work.
The sun broke through.
I enjoyed every moment.
And God was there.

by Janet Hadley


Victorious Missionaries

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