Uplift Summer 2017
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From the Director

We are all called to a life of ministry and service – no matter what our abilities or disabilities are.

As Christians, we are followers of Christ. Through our anointing at Baptism, we are called to minister and serve as priest, prophet and king. How that call finds its expression varies from person to person.

Our priestly role is one of sharing in the priesthood of Christ. We are called to give witness to our faith by the way we live our lives every day and everywhere. We are called to minister to others and serve their needs. We are called to reach out in order to touch others’ lives, as well as allowing them to touch ours. We are called to journey with each other and to spiritually nourish one another.

Our prophetic role is one of living a life that witnesses Christ’s presence in the world. We are called to discern who God is calling us to be, and to live a life that helps the people we encounter each day grow in awareness of Christ’s loving presence in their lives. Our lives should call others to where they need to be in relationship with God.

Our role as king is one of sharing in the kingly mission of Jesus. We are called to be leaders and caretakers/stewards of the treasures of the kingdom – God’s people. We are called always and everywhere to participate in the building of the Reign of God.

Br. Tom Ruhmann, O.M.I.
National Director of the VMs


Victorious Missionaries

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