Uplift Winter 2018
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FLINT, MICHIGAN: Genesse County Chapter

The theme of our first Fall Open Participation Meeting was "Working towards Strengthening Our Faith." Bette Meyer and Br. Tom Ruhmann, joined us, as did our spiritual advisor, Richard Strife, his wife, Doris and their grandson, Coya. The mornign included a lesson and sicussion, then lunch together. In the afternoon we had a worship service with prayer and scripture reading showing how the disciples' faith was strengthened by Jesus.

The aim of our Open Participation Meetings is for worship, learning, prayer and fellowship to nurture and inspire us to be Christ's hands and vision in our community - both in our individual lives and as a group. We collect "Coins for a Change" at eery meeting which we give to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. we also walk in our annual CROP Hunger Walk to raise funds for worldwide hunger projects. Twenty-five percent of what we raise stays in our community to support five local hunger agencies. We hope "our faith is strengthened" by our participation in the Victorious Missionaries.

The theme of the scripture for our worship service this month is: "Rejoice and trust in the Lord. Focus on what is excellent or praiseworthy. Model yourself after Christ and his teachings. Your faith will continue to grow and the God of peace will lead you." This is our wish for all of you in 2018.

Dottie Bornholtz, Flint VM Secretary


This winter the Erie VMs will be hibernating! We hope to do a ton of READING as we had a guest speaker from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh at our fall meeting. We hadn't realized that more than visual impairments allow one to be eligible for some of the options that make reading enjoyable and available to all. For instance, getting to and from the library can be a challenge, trying to reach a book on those tall shelves nearly impossible, holding a book can be painful and turning pages hard. So we urge all our VMs to take advantage of the free service that provide accomodations for those with disabilities. Applying is easy, deliverly and use of books can be "plugged-in" with ease, and selecting a genre (yes, even the Bible) from a vast list is also a simple process. Contact the library of your state.

Peace, Love and LIGHT,
The Erie VMs


If you would like a copy of the UPLIFT Newsletter on CD, contact the
VM National Office at bette.meyer@snows.org or 618-394-6281.

Please Pray for

Natalie Adams
Colin Barry
Hannah Bergen
Sue Bergheger
Kathie Bomsta
Mae Bone
Sr. Mary Josanne Buszek, CSSF
Mary Castano
Carol Durand
Orly Elizondo
Terry Etling
Br. Conrad Fleischmann, OCSO
Jonathan & Angela Fleischmann
Blake Haag
Gloria Helgert
Susan Henss
Benedict Hermann
Lupita Hernandez
Anthony Higgins
Paul Hilbig
Elaine & Ron Hofer
Pat Kern
Neil Kielty
Jackie Kolenda
Susan Krantz
Tom Kues
Sean Kuga
Carol Lakey
Sean Lawlor
Lori Linder
Diane & Carol Maertens
Michael & Clare Marrinan
Dee Mitchell
Jack Monteith
Celeste Schenkenberg
Susan Schnake
Inez Smith
Kylie Turner
Izzy Wade
Greg Warnecke
Vi Whelan
Donna Marie Whitworth
Travis & Douglas Williams
Janis Yaekel, ASC
Charlie Zittel

In Loving Memory

Kelly Casey
Carl A. Catchings
Stanley Hudzik
Norbert Knop
Dan Scannell
Sr. Jo-Michele Sierra

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