Uplift Summer 2018
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Belleville, IL –
Sue Collins, 618-578-8084

Buffalo, NY –
Carol Buchla, 716-639-7542

Erie, PA –
Pat Fronzaglia, 814-440-1987 or
Sharon Bond, 814-450-7748

Flint, MI –
Karen Dutil, 810-908-9822

Maryville/Granite City, IL –
Gary Wilbur, 618-444-9873

Houston TX –
Barbara Devaraj, 713-981-8376

San Antonio, TX –
Manny Banawa, 210-496-7095

Lowell, MA –
Fr. Terry O'Connell, OMI,



When Mental Illness Hits Home

Friday, August 24, 2018
9 am - 4 pm
Shrine Visitors Center

This year’s conference will focus on the topic “Managing Mental Health Transitions.” The morning
keynote session will be led by a panel of speakers who will share their personal stories about the challenges they face in dealing with mental health transitions. The morning and afternoon breakout sessions will be conducted by mental health professionals, who will lead discussions on life transitions, aging transitions and crisis management. The afternoon general session will feature a performance by the comedy troupe “Stand Up For Mental Illness.” Lunch will be provided, and is included in the registration fee.

The 2018 “When Mental Illness Hits Home” Conference will provide valuable information and skills for anyone – individuals, families, caregivers and mental health professionals – who deals with issues having to do with mental health transitions.

Cost: $40 IL CEU fee: $35
Registration: Call 618 394-6270 or go to SNOWS.ORG/HELP

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